Balobi makes use of Balobi Processors and Aspire Processing and Cold Storage for all of our processing requirements. Our Facilities are HACCP, PPECB, NRCS, EU and FDA approved. Balobi strives to produce the best quality products for our clients, therefore we have an exceptionally high regard for the safety, hygiene and overall quality of the products produced.

Ice Plant

A ice plant situated on the quay side in Port St Francis with a capacity of making 30 ton of flake ice in a 24 hour cycle. This ensures the fleet has sufficient ice at its disposal to ensure the quality of the fish is preserved at the highest standard.

Cold Store

Our products are stored at our own cold stores, Balobi Processors and Aspire Cold Store. With over 1 100 ton’s capacity and being HACCP, PPECB, NRCS and EU approved we ensure the strict cold chain procedures and hygiene protocols are always followed.